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Pin-Chun Lin (United States)

Piano & Violin Specialist


Taiwan National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), Master of Fine Arts, 2019

Degree Specialism(s)

Piano Performance

Student Successes


My favourite thing about teaching

My favorite things are conveying new knowledge to students for the first time, having students communicate or demonstrate that they have grasped the point, no matter on technique, emotion, or the meaning of pieces. When I realized that I’ve managed to get students actually interested in the music or even performance, I had unlimited motivation to keep teaching.

My most rewarding career experience(s)

When I finished the last note on my master degree recital, the applause from the audience reminded me of the effort I put in during the period. Despite many frustrations and self-denial moments within the period, I could always feel the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I overcame the challenge and learned deeper about the pieces.

My most rewarding life experience(s)

Most rewarding life experience(s) - this could be musical, teaching, educational or personal or more than one!

One of my recently rewarding experience was to take my friends to Italy for Henri Sigfridsson’s master class. During this journey, we were not only immersed in great historical buildings and culture, but also met young pianists from all over the world. We communicated, shared ideas, and absorbed different attitudes toward learning music from each other. When the trip came to the end, my friends told me that they got a lot of things because of the journey. Thus, even if we encountered many difficulties in the process, it still made me feel fulfilled.

Pin-Chun Lin (Piano & Violin Specialist)

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